Reitio is the next-gen MetaFi platform
👉 Reitio is the next-gen MetaFi platform that empowers users to create, deploy & unlock liquidity in interactive NFT assets, enabling limitless possibilities in the WEB3 open metaverse. This is also a collaborative tool where people who want special customization of their NFT could request the community to submit proposals.

The lack of intuitive tools to simplify cumbersome processes in building virtual assets within the open metaverse gave the team the idea of Reitio, which will also simplify transfers across the metaverse with interoperable NFT assets.

This is one of the major criticism of metaverses, they are disconnected from each other and don't offer the full power they have to end users.

The ultimate goal of Reitio is to create an autonomous virtual assets protocol for the creation, interaction and exchange across the metaverse.

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