Benefits of renting beyond a traditional staking model: 

• Price fluctuations of native currency - by allowing the opportunity to rent tokens it removes the investment decision from access to whatever feature. You don't need to own Netflix stock to watch Netflix, so this allows a seamless experience like we are all accustomed to. 

• User adoption - not everyone wants to purchase and hold another native currency and would rather just pay with a stablecoin or crypto they have in their wallet

• Less upfront capital - This goes back to user adoption. If I can rent month-by-month or year-by-year, the upfront capital versus holding x amount of tokens with a traditional staking model is less, and therefore, removes this barrier.  Benefits to token lenders:

• Extra interest - Users with idle tokens can now earn extra interest paid by the fees of the renters • Streaming and auto-compounding of rewards - rewards are streamed over time and auto-compounded, which incentivizes lenders to stay in the pool  Other considerations:

• Extra rewards - Any additional rewards you want to provide to stakers can be streamed through the protocol just by renting more tokens Staking - You can also use it as more of a traditional staking model with the added benefit of auto-compounding of rewards and also streaming of rewards so it incentivizes users to stay in the pool.

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